What supplies do you need to bring?

What supplies do I need to bring? | Guernsey Letter Writers

So you want to come to our monthly letter writing socials, but you’re wondering what supplies you need to bring along with you.

Well the short answer is that as we will have a small selection of supplies available at each meeting all you really need to bring with you is postage stamps.

The long answer would go on to tell you that our stationery stash will include a small selection of postcards, writing paper and envelopes to choose from meaning even the complete newbie will have the basics they need to get started. And for those of you who like to get creative with your mail art there will also be fancy pens, stickers and washi tape at the ready.

So we have the basics covered, but would encourage you to bring along your own personal favourites and go-to stationery items.

For me this includes my pencil case full of all my preferred writing and lettering pens as well as my wooden tool box which contains all my go-to washi tapes and a small selection of snail mail themed rubber stamps.

I also plan to think ahead about whom I want to write to so that I can pick out cards and paper from my own personal stash before coming along to the meeting. That way I will be ready to just get on with the writing, which is really the most important bit.

So back to the short answer, if all you remember to bring to the meeting are your postage stamps then rest assured that you will still be set for a productive evening of letter writing. Oh! and if it’s your first meeting then your first stamp is on me anyway!

A la perchoine,


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