{Minutes of Meeting} November 2017

Minutes of Meeting November 2017 | Guernsey Letter Writers Society

November’s meeting took place on the very 1st of the month and was a great opportunity to practice some gratitude during this Thanksgiving season. We had quite a few apologies this month due to work, travel and social commitments so numbers were lower but spirits were high and the six of us did a remarkable amount of writing.

As always, Jessica started off the meeting by reading a letter, again from Letters of Note: Correspondence Deserving of a Wider Audience. This letter was written by US Pilot Frederic Flom on 24th February, 1973 to the popular entertainer Bob Hope to thank him for his efforts on behalf of the American Prisoners of War being held in Vietnam, of which he was one.

During our “Show & Mail” section of the evening Emma B shared with us a vintage stamp collection she had recently bought off Ebay. The stamps were a bright and varied collection and all from the beautiful island of Bermuda, Emma’s place of birth.

Jessica also passed around a mini zine that had been sent from April, the founder of the Christchurch Letter Writers Society in New Zealand. The zine is being used to advertise the upcoming launch and letter writing socials and you can follow along over on Instagram.

As for the stats, although we were fewer in number an impressive total of 33 letters were written and sent out the following day via Box No. 19 at Fairfield on Route des E’glise.

10 GSY, 7 UK, 5 EUR, 11 ROW


Thanks to all who came along and especially to Ellis who provided lots of chocolate cake!

Next Meeting is on Wednesday, 6th December 2017.

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