{Minutes of Meeting} January 2018

Minutes of Meeting January 2018 | Guernsey Letter Writers Society

Our first meeting of the year took place last week and we were delighted to welcome a new member, Eve.

During the Show & Mail part of the evening Jessica showed us the vintage postcards and Guernsey stamps she received for Christmas and Tiff had brought along a beautiful stationery box, available locally at Indica.

We were also able to match up 3 pen pal requests that had come via the website. One from the UK, one from Portugal and the last from sunny California. We still have 2 members of the CLE Club to match up as well as 2 other pen pal requests that have come through via the website.

Despite lower numbers this month due to new year holidays and work commitments, we managed to send out an impressive 28 pieces of mail via Box No. 13 on Valnord Road and Abi won the free stamp.

10 GSY, 3 UK, 10 EUR, 5 ROW


The date and venue may be different for next month’s meeting, so watch this space for an update.

Next Meeting is on Wednesday, 7th February 2018.

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