{Minutes of Meeting} May 2018

Minutes of Meeting May 2018 | The Guernsey Letter Writers Society

Six members were present for this months meeting and the evening was opened with a reading from Letters of Note, a letter from Clementine Churchill to her husband Winston Churchill.

During our Show & Mail part of the evening Jessica showed off a beautiful piece of folding mail art from her pen pal in Hawaii as well as some vintage postage stamps she bought from a local antique store, the seller of which will be attending a future LWS meeting.

We received lots of pen pals requests during National Letter Writing Month and these were handed round during the meeting. Marike and Tiff both found new pen pals, but 6 pen pal requests remain, mainly from the U.S. but other requests from England and Russia. If any members are looking for new pen pals then please speak to Jessica who will share the requests with you directly.

In total 16 pieces of mail were sent out this month, which is a lot less than in previous months, but members were very studious this month dedicating their time to longer letters. It’s about quality not quantity after all.

The postbox used this month was Box No. 1 found at the top of The Grange and Marike was the winner of this months free stamp!

6 GSY, 4 UK, 1 EUR, 5 ROW

Minutes of Meeting May 2018 | The Guernsey Letter Writers Society

Next Meeting is on Monday, 4th June 2018.

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