{Minutes of Meeting} June 2018

Minutes of Meeting June 2018 | The Guernsey Letter Writers Society

A whopping 10 members (plus a baby!) were present for June’s meeting of the Letter Writers Society.

Jessica opened the meeting with a reading from Frog & Toad by Arnold Lobel, entitled The Letter. A charming story in which Frog sends a letter to his friend Toad to cheer him up.

There was lots to show off during the Show & Mail part of the evening this month. Abi’s daughter had sent a letter to the Queen a few months back and Abi shared the response with us. Emma G had purchased her first collection of stamps and is fast becoming a philatelist. Jessica shared a book recommendation, an epistolary novel called “Where’d You Go, Bernadette?” (soon to be turned into a movie!) and available at the local library. She also shared a picture drawn by her daughter full of envelopes with wax seals and had brought along her collection of seals for members to have fun with.

There was also a lovely selection of letter writing stationery available this month thanks to the very generous @penpaling_paula who gifted us with some free samples from her Etsy shop, which you can check out {HERE}.

Valerie was matched with her first official pen pal all the way in Russia and we still have 8 pen pal requests waiting for a match. If any members are looking for new pals then please speak to Jessica who will share the requests with you directly.

In total 13 pieces of mail were sent out this month, our lowest number yet, but when you consider most members concentrated on long letters not to mention all the chatter, it was a very productive (and fun!) evening.

The beauty of a postbox used month was Box No. 116 and can be found at Guernsey Airport and Emma B is the lucky winner of the free stamp.

0 GSY, 7 UK, 1 EUR, 5 ROW


Next Meeting is on Monday, 2nd July 2018.

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