{Minutes of Meeting} December 2018

Minutes of Meeting December 2018 | Guernsey Letter Writers Society

Eight of us gathered together for the last letter writing social of the year and we were particularly delighted to welcome a new member to the group.

The meeting was opened with a reading from How Winston Delivered Christmas, a sweet daily read for the advent season with some cute postal themes.

There was lots to discuss during the Show and Mail part of the evening with some items rolled over from November’s meeting. To start with there were lots of greetings from around the world to share and a generous gift of Guernsey stamps from the lovely Suzanne at @artstamped.

Next Elaine impressed us with her festive scented envelopes and also recommend The Lost Letters of William Woolf.

Jessica then passed around the stamp collection she has inherited from her father and showed off some beautiful incoming mail by her talented penpal, @stamp_stamp_washi, including a handmade paper advent calendar full of stationery.

Next Marike highlighted the recent St Peter Port Lifeboat Stamp Appeal. If you’re looking for a worth cause to pass your used stamps onto then please consider the life saving work of the RNLI.

And finally Jen invited members to join her in sending letters to a sweet Guernsey girl who will be spending Christmas at a hospital in the UK. In total 8 pieces of happy mail were sent out to her this evening and an email will be sent to the regular members not present to encourage them to send some more wishes her way.

We set a record this month with a total of 42 pieces of mail sent out to 5 different countries from Box. No. 89 on Fort Road. The breakdown of the outgoing mail is as follows:

11 GSY, 20 UK, 3 EUR, 8 ROW


Next meeting is on Monday, 7th January 2019.

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