{Minutes of Meeting} January 2019

Minutes of Meeting January 2019 | Guernsey Letter Writers Society

Five of us gathered to welcome in the new year with letters and despite the lower number, it was a really fun evening.

The meeting was opened with a reading from Seven Little Postmen by Margaret Wise Brown. A sweet children’s book that gives a glimpse into the inner workings of the postal service by following a little boys letter to his grandmother.

There wasn’t too much to show off at this month’s Show & Mail, just a few belated Christmas greetings from other letter writing groups.

We still have a large pile of pen pal requests so if any members are looking for new pals to write to then please speak with Jessica.

A total of 19 pieces of mail were sent out to 10 different countries this month and all via Box. No. 143 on Richmond Avenue in St Peter Port. The breakdown was as follows:

7 GSY, 0 UK, 6 EUR, 6 ROW

gsy lws 074

Next meeting is on Monday, 4th February 2019.

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