{Minutes of Meeting} February 2019

Minutes of Meeting February 2019 | Guernsey Letter Writers Society

We were delighted to welcome along two new members to our February meeting and in total nine of us gathered this InCoWriMo to put pen to paper and help keep letters alive.

The meeting was opened with a reading from Letters of Note, a sweet letter from a little girl to Abraham Lincoln during his presidency campaign which resulted in him growing his “whiskers” just for her.

For the Show & Mail part of the evening Jessica showed off a postcard set available form the gift shop at the Guernsey Museum & Art Gallery containing all retro British wartime posters. She also had received an heirloom gift from her father-in-law, a postal order he received as a baby but never cashed.

A few pen pal requests were read out and three were matched up all fellow letter writers from the USA.

In total 22 pieces of mail were sent out to 9 different countries this month and all via Box. No. 150 in Fort George, St Peter Port. The breakdown was as follows:

6 GSY, 4 UK, 3 EUR, 9 ROW


Next meeting is on Monday, 4th March 2019.

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