{Minutes of Meeting} March 2019

Minutes of Meeting March 2019 | Guernsey Letter Writers Society

There was a great turn out for our March meeting with 10 members present.

The meeting was opened with a reading from Postcard Stories, by Jan Carson. The book is a collection of the short stories she wrote on her daily postcards in 2015.

For the Show & Mail part of the evening Jessica showed off some vintage postcards she had received from her in-laws. Marike opened a letter from some young family members which contained some cute Harry Potter legos, we were all delighted!

A few pen pal requests were read out from across the globe and one match was made with a penpal in the U.S.

Our outgoing mail wasn’t so high this month but there were some wonderfully thick envelopes containing lots of long letters. In total 13 pieces of mail were sent out to 6 different countries this month and all via Box. No. 50 on Route des Monts, next to Delancey Park. The breakdown was as follows:

6 GSY, 3 UK, 4 EUR, 0 ROW


Next meeting is on Monday, 1st April 2019.

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